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Gina Scheer

Gina was recruited into this business back in 2015 with the dream of closing her in-home daycare and spending her days at the park with her son. She's passionate about equipping women who join her team with rock star systems, confidence and community. She's a big fan of Christmastime, playing tennis with her family, and unplugged weekend getaways.

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Christie Plack


Brandie Hubele


K'Leigh Searcy


Christie is a caffeine dependent mom of three. She’s a professional procrastinator and constantly wishes for more time. More time for reading books with the kids before bed and more time for getting the kids ready for school in the morning top her wishlist. Her second son was born in the car on the way to the hospital, another instance where more time would have come in handy! Her oldest son has Muscular Dystrophy and there is nothing more precious to her than time with her family. Her book business helps keep her family’s life exciting and allows them more quality time together and she is forever grateful for the flexibility the job provides.

When Brandie was first introduced to the company she was an elementary Instructional Coach working 12+ hour days. She was exhausted, stressed and full of mom guilt. She chose to join right before her party in an effort to get double free books for her toddlers. Little did she know, that decision would change her entire life for the better! Six weeks later, she resigned from her position and became a work from home mom instead, gaining the work-life balance she so desperately sought. Brandie has her masters degree in leadership and she is passionate about coaching others to reach their goals.

K’Leigh grew up being an avid reader and wanted to raise her kids to have the same love of reading and learning! She found these books through an online party and joined to make some “coffee money” while being a stay-at-home mom of two kids. She quickly fell in love with not just the books but also the people on the team too and decided to continue to stay home and work this business for the flexible schedule and incredible income opportunity!

Camille Steiner


Camille stumbled upon these books and the company when homeschooling her oldest son. She quickly realized the difference they made in her kids’ love for learning, and as a voracious reader herself, it was a perfect fit! Since 2005, she’s loved the flexibility and independence of working from home while promoting literacy and leading others to do the same. She has masters degrees in nursing and life coaching, and loves to travel, spend time outdoors, and hang out with friends whenever she can!


Cara Beckenbach


Ashley McManus


Jessica Skarda


Ashley was recruited into the business while working full time in project management and strategic planning. She wanted to fill her 9 month old son’s bookshelves and after two years sharing these books she left her corporate role to have more flexibility and presence with her two children. She’s passionate about helping women to dream, grow in their confidence and use their strengths. Ashley loves being outside exploring, drinking tea and finding delicious local restaurants!

All you had to do was say “free books” and Cara joined the company in the fall of 2016. She was a music teacher with 2 littles at home, and a husband often off to sea with the Navy. This opportunity allowed her to become a stay-at-home mom when they moved from San Diego to VA Beach in 2017 and she discovered a passion for dreaming big and inspiring others to do the same! On the weekends, you can find her with her family exploring local eateries and breweries, reading a novel, or at the beach.

In the spring of 2016 Jessica was a military wife and SAHM to two littles, searching for something more. She loved staying home with her kiddos but wanted to use her ‘adult brain’ and contribute financially to the family (hello guilt free shopping!!). Enter this amazing gig. Jessica loves how this job fits whatever season of life her family is in and can travel to wherever the Air Force sends them.
She loves travel, being outside, and reading of course!

Robin Wallace


Noelle Wanamaker


Lyndsey Herman


As an avid reader growing up, Noelle knew that she wanted her children to love books the way she did, so when she attended her first online gathering, she fell in love with them and wanted them all! It took her a while, but she finally took the leap to become a book lady and hasn’t looked back! She’s a former Army Reserve captain, stay at home mama of three, and military spouse who’s taken her business with her through multiple moves and two continents. One of her biggest goals with her business was to have just one more child, and because of the added income she welcomed her third baby! Noelle loves reading, working out, and snuggling her kiddos!

Robin was a former world geography teacher turned stay at home mom who was looking for a way to remain at home with her son Logan. In 2015, when he was 20 months old she discovered how books could make that happen. She immediately made this business a priority and is now able to work from home while being heavily involved in her son’s school. She loves to travel, eat sushi and listen to true crime podcasts. One unexpected blessing of this business that she didn’t know she desperately needed has been the true friendships made along the way.

Lyndsey was working as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist when she was first introduced to our books. She was immediately impressed with how interactive and developmentally engaging they were to her baby and toddler. She originally joined as a consultant to build her home library with free and discounted books, but then discovered how much she loved sharing these books with others. This shy introvert with zero sales experience and not an ounce of pushiness never imagined she could have success with something like this. She proved herself wrong, by promoting 3 months later and then leaving her full-time job 2 years after she had joined. This business has blessed her with a flexible work from home schedule, more quality time with her family, and a home overflowing with books!

Taylor Weber


As a former 5th grade teacher at an inner-city school turned stay-at-home mom, Taylor knew that books were important. After finally giving PaperPie books a chance by attending an online gathering-she immediately saw she absolutely did NOT have these type of thought-provoking resources in her bins of books from the classroom. With a goal to get the best deal on a library refresh for her infant daughter, she jumped into this StoryMaker life. She quickly recognized that there is space for her and many others here and that the purpose she lost when leaving the classroom could be found once again in helping others find confidence through connecting with their families over incredible books and sharing that JOY all while making true income in the process. She enjoys traveling, volleyball, hiking and unplugged moments with her husband and three kiddos.


Tabitha McHale


Mary Ann McManus


A lifelong literacy lover herself, Mary Ann is thrilled to be a part of a mission that allows her to enrich her children’s lives and the lives of children across the country by sharing these books. She is a stay at home, homeschooling mama with a passion for creating. In the five years she’s been a part of this business she’s been able to travel half-way across the globe, move into the house of her dreams, and fill that home with hundreds of books. She can’t wait to see what’s next!

Once a stylist behind the chair, Tabitha left the salon to stay at home full time with her 3 boys. While hosting a party of her own in 2020, she decided to join for the free books. She has found an unexpected passion as she helps others foster a love for literacy within their home. In her downtime, you can find her seeking new creative outlets; reading her long list of books to be read; sneaking a new plant into her house; and chasing the sunshine!

Rachel Horkan


One of Rachel’s favorite childhood memories is snuggling up as a family each night for “chapter time,” and she attributes her passion for child literacy to that experience. The book business has given this mom of four the opportunity to travel the world (for free!), make life-long friendships, empower others, and make a positive difference in the lives of countless children, including her own. Rachel loves applying her attention to detail and passion for our books while helping create on our team’s content.


Cassie Sholty


Cassie has been a working Mom for seven years to three amazing and endlessly energetic boys, with one more on the way. Her dynamic experience as a Human Resources Business Partner for two of the largest global technology companies in Texas has fueled a passion for people engagement. Cassie is so excited to ignite that same passion with The Scheerleaders, providing dedicated support to all brand partners.

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