exactly! That’s what
we’re sayin’…
And we know you’ve
got questions!

Let’s dive in & get them answered.

AND earn money?

Where do the books come from?

When a customer orders from you, their books are shipped directly to them from PaperPie headquarters in Tulsa, OK.

You get paid a commission on the books you sell. Simple as that!

How does this work?

How do I get started?

Activate your brand partner account, then follow our proven systems for success! We have all the training, content and support you need to be successful.

No, you don't. Isn't that awesome? You earn commission on every order, and there are no sales minimums or product purchase requirements.

Do I have to sell a certain amount each month?

Would I need to carry inventory?

There's no need for inventory because your customers order directly from your website, and our company ships from the warehouse directly to your customer. If you do need product on hand to sell at a book fair or vendor event, you have the ability to take out inventory on consignment and reconcile the sales after your event!

Our overhead is tiny. Six months of eBusiness tools are included when you activate a brand partner account. After that, it's just $8 each month, and you control when you renew or cancel.

Are there any recurring fees as a consultant?