With the help of our entire team and their donors across the world, every Robb student and their siblings received a large tote bag filled with activity books, a chess set and book, a Cuddle Bear, bubbles, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. School libraries and classrooms were stocked with books and puzzles, and we had 2 days of free shopping open to the community with the remaining books. $36,000 cash was donated to the Uvalde Volunteer Fire Department to be divided between the 36 families of victims who were injured or passed away. What began as a small goal to give each student 5 activity books ended up as an abundance of books, puzzles, art supplies and cash.

Book Scheerleader Kaity Kelsey is a Uvalde resident who wanted to help her community heal after the devastating tragedy at Robb Elementary School in May 2022

Team-Wide Book Drives

Our team came together with a goal of supplying every student at Mayfield Elementary School, a Title 1 school, with a brand new backpack and 5 new books. With the help of so many generous donors, that goal was surpassed! Each of 900 students at Mayfield received 23 brand new books, a new backpack, and a pack of 24 Crayola crayons. Plus, we donated 300 books to the school's library and $10,000 cash to the Mayfield Schools Family Relief Fund. We received sweet hand written notes and photos of classrooms proudly sporting their new, stuffed-full-of-books backpacks.

The record-breaking tornadoes that swept across Kentucky in December 2021 hit the community of Mayfield the hardest.