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 Enjoy the benefits of working from ANYWHERE, on your own terms, without sacrificing time away from your Family.

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And make a difference (and an income) with us!

We have team members in all 50 states, and their stories are all different but have the same theme: this team is fun, rewarding, and full of support!

Angellina Jaworski

"I found a passion and an amazing community where I am recognized for doing something I love. As if that weren’t rewarding enough, I have witnessed children fall in love with reading and families bond over these amazing books."

Pamela Sparks

"I joined PaperPie in 2017 and have been able to share my love for children’s literature with so many families, all while building the home life we wanted for ourselves... Being a part of Book Scheerleaders & Co. makes this work even more exciting!"

Carol Buchanan

"After retirement I had a hard time figuring out what purpose I had besides being a babysitter, but PaperPie has gotten me excited about sharing, not only books, but what books can do, how they do it and finding the perfect book to get every child excited about reading!!"

Melissa Roche

"Since joining, I’ve experienced so many benefits from seeing my daughter’s vocabulary and knowledge thrive, to receiving a stable side income, to hearing how these books are changing my friends’ kids lives, but I’ve been most blown away with our team’s community."

Morgan Sundberg

"I joined in 2018 for the extra income, hoping that one day I’d be able to offset our living expenses enough to quit my day job and start our family. Now, 4 years later, we’ve welcomed our first baby into a home full of more books than I ever imagined possible, and I’m excited to watch my son grow to love reading as much as I do."

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We have fun here!

and, not gonna lie...

and have-awesome-support-along-the-way

type of community.




We support your dreams of being present everyday.
AND we want you to have success in filling the unique needs of your own lifestyle.

we set you up for success... for business & for life!



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Kristen Erickstad

"I attended my first PaperPie gathering when my oldest son was 2 and knew immediately that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join this amazing company and, specifically, the Book Scheerleaders team! As a full-time physician, I was initially worried about having time to be a consultant but it has been easy to work it around my already existing schedule. I’ve enjoyed being able to help other families find a love for books, be part of some incredible book drives, and grow our own home library exponentially. And doing it all as a part of this team of positive, supportive, and collegial women who have become friends has been just the icing on the cake!"

Lauren Johnson

"Connecting other families with the perfect books and helping other women find a sense of purpose and belonging has become a passion of mine and filled a hole in my life that I didn’t even really know was there. Being recognized for a job well done, free vacations, extra money, kids who love to read, an enviable home library, and getting to do it all alongside women who have become some of my best friends and cheerleaders, well that’s more special than I could have even imagined."

Ellie Zuroweste

"After doing a few parties I quickly discovered that as a SAHM I needed a community. I needed other moms that loved serving their family but also loved pushing themselves to achieve things other than the record number of diapers they could change in a day. Since then this team has become a huge part of my life and many of the women on it have been there to pick me up when the days get really hard. But it's not just my life that has changed, it has directly impacted my kids as well! We get to take amazing vacations and do the fun extras like gymnastics class and summer camps. Plus they have an immense love for reading."

Jessica Dill

"Though I initially joined for the discounted and free books, I quickly fell in love with this wonderful company, its mission, and the many friends I have made from fellow book ladies and my party guests. I found a love for not selling books, but promoting literacy and helping families find books that inspire, grow, and open a world of possibilities for their readers. I also have seen the positive impact PaperPie has had on my own children, from growing their own love of reading to their learning of entrepreneurship skills by sharing their favorite books with everyone they meet. I’m so very thankful for the opportunity to join this amazing community."

Gabrial Silversmith

"Despite not having my own children and not directly working with children, I was intrigued by the mission and income potential of PaperPie. After 2 years in this business, it has become much more about this extraordinary community of generous and inspiring women leaders. I love this book-boss life because of the friendships I have made and the ability to give back to my local community through education and fundraising activities. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that I've achieved "Favorite Auntie" status with my nieces and nephews for always having the coolest activity books on hand!"